Work in progress – two days on the tiles

After a good tidy up, a hello to the dragonfly I had a look at the measurements for the disabled toilet, Sue arrived and we toured the building looking at what has been done since she first saw it (at one of the first viewings). We discussing next steps and decisions to be made over a coffee in the garden, it was such lovely weather we gravitated to working in the garden.

We removed some more earth from over the new hard standing find using the wheelbarrow to transport it to the far end next to the bug hotel then we started looking through, rescuing, pulling, cutting out of ivy’s hands lots of lovely Victorian Bridgwater terracotta roof tiles and ridge tiles, these were falling over and needed stacking better and broken ones separating out from the good ones. it was hot physical work and the time passed really quickly on both days to be continued tomorrow last stack to go – photo’s on September latest.

Took delivery of the insulation foam this morning the panels were acting like sails in a freshening breeze – safely stowed away now. Will came to discuss finishing the door frame and hanging the internal door in reception. My excavations into the paving under the grass came quickly to the edge not the yard I suspected and no cobbles. but the crazy paving got smaller and smaller it looked like the back of a dragon.

Please see photos – what to do with your loose change! Water butt gets a wriggle on.

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