Just a Card – hidden pipes n snagging

Don’t forget that you can buy cards direct from Bridgy Gallery resident artist and other local artists by pressing the Love from the Artist button at the top of the blog page. Fabulous original art at very reasonable prices so even if we are not open yet here at the gallery or you cannot visit us in person you do have an amazing selection of cards to choose from at your fingertips for every mood and occasion.

Feel good and join in the Just a Card grass roots campaign to support independent shops, keep them and their artists going. Every sale is vital to keep our amazing creative people creating beautiful, wonderful, local, individual stunning work for us.

Today at the gallery a trench has been cleverly cut under the covered yard stairs – it contains a drain pipe the old one was a trip hazard and not working well at its job taking rainwater off the flat bathroom roof now it should work well, look neat and not cause a hazard on the stairs – what a win win situation!

Today the Ivy was taken off the end of the wall at the bottom of the garden as the lower wall at the bottom of our neighbor’s garden will be built higher to improve security to the back of all our properties. The end of the gallery tall wall is a lovely curve which the breeze block will nestle up to. We need to appreciate it now as no doubt it will soon get covered with Ivy again, she doesn’t hang about you know!

Some brick snagging was completed today upstairs in St. Saviours studio and a couple of bricks replaced over the tea and coffee area etc. with more snagging planned for tomorrow – keep watching the December photo’s for updates.

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