Chimney, Sparkle, glazing & gloss

The old blocked off unsafe chimney in the old coach house upstairs, now the corner of St Saviours studio has had all the bricks removed and been made safe. The corner of the roof is now well supported and floorboards around the stone base made good. Sorry Father Christmas you can’t come down this chimney!

Garage gallery window, large side window and small reception window cleaned and secondary glazed with card display being built in large window. New glass has been ordered for the sash window on the side of reception waiting for new glass until we can secondary glaze, install the card display and the garage gallery sparkling windowsill needs grouting.

Have now acquired the perfect led lamp for the bathroom light thanks CEF, also LD&WF Bridgwater provided the disabled door handle & lock so we can complete and hang the door.

I accidently tested emergency toilet alarm this week while near the toilet got caught up in the red handle and Brett rushed to my aid – all worked brilliantly – false alarm thank goodness!

Last touches to Brett’s paintwork, contrasting white handrail against the black floor and wood trim around the upside down boat garage ceiling, Then the final element of the room the floor painting and ramp safety flooring with hooks to hang the paintings.

Disabled toilet floor vinyl and door hanging will just leave the joining strip under the door from safety floor to vinyl to keep it all together. Oh and some soap in the new dispenser will be essential.

The large fairy lights with Christmas trees n snow in the lamps arrived today for the Gallery window just waiting on the chimney art and the big man himself. Not long to wait now.

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