Turned a New door – Spiders & Rats

I have needed some help turning over the door after fixing in the locking mechanism also with fixing my mini jigsaw but I cannot have been too much of a pest as I got locked in for lunch the other day! Will has fixed the other broken floorboards, finished making the chimney corner of St. Saviours studio look good, built over the coach house no doubt the living quarters for its coachman. The Eagle coke burner was a big improvement of it’s day over the old fireplace it has had a good tidy up and the old cast iron chimney removed from above the roof line, really heavy item. Martin was getting rid of forty years of accumulated sawdust from in and around the antique burner when he found an ancient dead rat inside the burner. We also think live rats may have been disturbed by the work going on at the bottom of neighboring gardens – never far from a rat they say – well the gallery is really not far from the river and canal it probably would be a surprise not to see one, but we will be discouraging them as you might expect.

You may notice a brightly coloured toy spider next to the heavy cast iron chimney in December photographs it’s called Webster a pull along toy, a very sought after Christmas present at the time and an absolute delightful find for me, when it was dug out of the garden. Many years ago at Complete Studio where I worked we made a large replica of Webster with vacuum formed wheels and drain pipes for legs, it was made for the annual toy fair exhibition (at Earls court I think well it was a long time ago) it felt like finding an old friend a precious moment in these Covid blighted days.

Assembled the first card display rack into the lower half of the biggest reception window. Finished the disabled toilet door, cant wait to see it in place, will need help with that. The hand rail on the ramp in the garage has been painted by Brett, bright white so it should show up really well when the black safety flooring is laid down the slope. Wood beading has tidied the edge of the upside down boat ceiling and numerous paint touch ups and snagging details attended to. Thoughts turn to Christmas a suitably small 2020 Christmas display in the gallery window – framed Lino cut by artist Kayleigh Miller and a mask wearing Santa!


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