Changing times Baby

Work has started on the baby changing area in the original workshop loo at the wide window end of the triangle shaped bathroom built under the stairs up to St. Saviours studio. Re-use is better than recycle the changing table is made from a couple of lovely old wash stands, white marble from one as the top and the beautiful back of another with its lovely green and 1920’s bright art nuevo yellow flower tiles. The timber is already painted black, it’s re-claimed, well seasoned, sturdy 2″ square wood for a strong support structure for the marble top screwed to the wall back and one side. Photograph’s will follow as it develops from this pile of lovely bits into a grand baby changing area fit for our youngest guests.

All the photography to set up the web pages is now complete with the aid of an appropriately named Bridge camera and tripod with ring light operated by our photographer Cameron.

The ceiling over the covered yard has been a worry for more than a year now as it was full of combustible sawdust accumulated over the 40 years that it has been used as a carpenters workshop, well time for it to go, thanks Chris for a great job on this. The mountain of dust sits at the end of the garden, planning to mix in with soil and let it decompose naturally. Chris has also finished painting all the outside red brick walls.

Love the horses painting seems proper to have them on the site of St. Saviours old coach house & stables.

So the plan is to complete the old loo and undercover yard so that they can be used as extra undercover space and additional facilities with the completed front of gallery when I am better and can open.

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