Hot, Hot, Hot…………..

Our heatwave/summer patch although hot 30*+ not devastating like the Extreme heat in America nor do we have the deadly flooding like Germany & the Netherlands thank goodness, all is sleepy quiet down the gallery not a breeze or builder in site. Chris has painted more walls on the front of the coach house in the undercover yard which once was an outside wall with window and doors. He also put up the backing of the baby table and the pipe cladding, so just a bit of stud wall, plasterboard, the ceiling and vinyl to fit.

I just managed to keep cool, an ice-cream or two helped, in front of a fan sorting through forty years of old blue holiday postcards (blue in colour and nature) saved from the old office partition wall into a pair of clip frames to display in the old loo. Naughty and nostalgic in nature, a risk I may loose visitors for a while, I expect I may hear laughter from the loo too.

More repair, hole filling, scrapping, sanding and undercoating with a second coat to the coach house doors and preparation for painting the inside of the doors as well. Thinking some varnish on the inside of double doors leading to the garden and gloss blue for the toilet door to match the kitchen door at the other end of the coach house. Planning black for the outside stairs steps with dayglo safety strips, still dreaming of a gallery lift one day.

I have spent a while looking at a problem with pricing, no not working out the cost and keeping it reasonable but how to let people know, most people do not like to ask worried if it is not displayed it will be too much or if they engage with an assistant they would try and talk them into buying. Unfortunately if you display the cost people look at that first and not the work of art somewhat spoiling the experience. Well here’s my solution swing tags that have the gallery trade mark on the front with title, the artist and the price on the back, so without disturbing the painting or the assistant you can have a discreet peak at the details if you want to. The swing tickets are a modest size, black and white on a grey ribbon to blend in with the walls – there for information but minimalist impact on the viewing pleasure. I hope you agree.

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