Sign of the times – Zen needed

Covid grinds on. Delta wave trouble is rippling through, delaying plans, creating tension and despair. My personal health (not covid) has also put a spanner in the works, So things are getting there but achingly slowly and has to be paid for without trade to support it – I know I am not alone……

I have thought about and designed a calming Zen garden out the back of the gallery at the beginning of the sculpture garden, just a twinkle in my eye currently but the dream keeps me going.

The standing wood rescued beam, set upright in a concrete filled hole, de-nailed, looks like it may have been a ships timber originally before becoming a lintel. I plan a bit of carving and woodworm treatment for this tall garden focal point, to keep it company the old tin bath will be re-planted with an Acer maybe. Other features will include the old crown topped chimney pot and some original big pebbles from the foundations which have been exposed when underpinning.

My pet theory is that they are ballast from the ships, left about on the banks of the river, sold as cheap material as they off loaded them to load up their brick and tile cargo. No doubt enterprising local builders dug their foundation trenches and filled up with the stone pebbles – hay presto just add concrete. The Zen garden will also need some fine gravel that can be raked into circles and spirals. Watch the bog to see how it develops over time.

New sign has been installed on the back of the gallery which can be seen from the Taunton road so just the LED sign to go on the front now.

I have found the animal alphabet I designed for children many years ago, thought it would be nice to have some copies for visiting children to colour in or take away to do at home once the gallery is open, maybe even have a competition to display the best entries.

I will let the pictures do the talking.

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