Folding Tables & Coffee

Progress has seen the installation of fold-away tables in the drive somewhere to sit down have a chat an ice-cream, soft drink or a coffee/tea. So no carrying heavy tables in and out just the chairs will need moving out of the undercover yard on sunny days, the display wall is ready for the wall hanging Bee’s and sculptures. A generous donation of another wooden bed frame will allow a final narrow long white table between the two small folding tables already created with holes for the tilt parasols to create shade in the summer sun. Lovely spot for a cuppa or an ice-cream on a hot day.

The glass display unit is looking splendid in its new black livery can’t wait to see colourful glass and sculptures in here, the coach house doors are looking happier with their first new coat of paint in a long while, just a final polish to the 1930’s desk and a good deep clean then hang the first exhibition and get snap happy – photos for the web pages!

Bridgy gallery has had to postpone opening due to my ill health it has its QR venue sign. Coffee machine and cold cabinet for cold drinks just add Summer sun and better health 🙂 B

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