Hail to the Fairies & Ice cream Sunshine

Sorry for the gap in my blog, things have been happening without me again, I have updated the pictures to show the progress achieved in my absence, The work bench was moved into the undercover yard out of the coach house ‘kitchen’ inside the bench the fairies were hiding – you will notice that one boasts proudly that you can win a metro! The discovery of Fairies was heralded with great delight as they transported us all back to childhood times and encouraged a tidy up of the undercover yard. The damp patch was not cured by improved drainage, flat roof improvements, nor by a new water system so has had to be explored further – a broken drain pipe was found to be the culprit so that’s been fixed now and the brick floor rebuilt.

It was discovered when the scaffolding was put up to the back of the coach house that the gable end was swaying in the breeze and leaning dangerously into the garden. It had to be re-built it was possible to re-use the bricks as the old mortar just fell of them, so old it was like sand. A new lintel over the doors and it’s all bricked up ready to do a few more years. Once the repair/rebuild was completed it was painted brick red and the lower part of the wall pointed then painted brick red too, the old boiler house bare bricks now disappearing back into the coach house wall, the window that had been broken had its replacement glass puttied in.

The double doors out into the garden have been sanded down and varnished the ground in front filled with hard core and waiting for my birthday blocks to be set into the ground with possibly a cover/portico over them with wooden posts in the front two corners. Outside sockets have been installed for the garden mowing, strimming and music when desired.

.Easter has been full of surprises first sunshine and warm temperatures hottest day for 50 years followed by a cold north wind and hail, sleet n snow just when we all thought summer is coming along – Sun and rain is a Monkey’s birthday not sure what you call hail with sunshine?

Covid shielding ending and non-essential shops to open very soon – daring to hope that the opening will go ahead this time, third time lucky – so bought a small ice cream freezer in anticipation. Signage next.

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