Clear Door, Black Door & Floating Shelves

So lovely the toughened glass arrived for the side door and Will has installed it in the door, what a difference that makes to the light in the gallery and the view of the outside display wall, please see November photos.

Decorating complete the radiators have gone back on the walls, a few finishing touches on Monday then it is vinyl flooring and slate skirting time. So exciting I cannot wait to see it looking really completed, all our decisions and choices together . Today the garage doors got their trims and bottom water deflector and very smart they look too – all ready for the winter season.

The floating shelves have been installed in the disabled toilet and its sliding door is under construction. The door needs to be super light, easy to open and close with one hand or better still with a closed fist, the handle needs to be a contrasting colour to the white door with easy locking mechanism – going shopping for this item. Talking of shopping I need to buy a hook and eye for the side door so we can secure it open during the summer, no swinging in the breeze. I thought I had a nice brass one but it was too short.

It is I think only a matter of days now until my builder hands me back the front reception and garage gallery at last a new arty phase starts, first I will fit the secondary gazing, card display areas in the side windows and then the chrome rail to hang the paintings and move in the furniture. With a flourish bring in the art, display the art properly then it is a set for the photography to post on the gallery web pages.

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