Detailing & The Swanage connection

This is my cousin Gina and her gallery in Dorset called ‘Purbeck New Wave’ check it out

Lovely original work. A ray of sunshine to brighten darker days.

Meanwhile here in Somerset we are getting on with the final finishes on Bridgy Gallery with detailing in reception and garage gallery. Reveals have had a final sanding and another coat of paint. The windows are getting there smart black surrounds and secondary glazing. also the light weight disabled loo door is under construction upstairs in St. Saviours studio, this is the first making project up here for a while since the roof was taken off and replaced. Recently Will has taken down the unsafe chimney in the corner of the Studio fortunately before it had the chance to collapse on its own into the coach house below! There are a few floorboards that need work and the stair rails to finish up here, oh and just a few walls to paint.

Cannot believe its going to be December tomorrow although the days are getting shorter, darker, colder and the moon shines so bright, it does make sense really, but just what happened to autumn its so short a time I was looking for the trees turning now their leaves are decorating my car. No doubt it is a consequence of my recovery from the operation, I feel like I am emerging from a sort of hibernation only to find myself in the shortest of days with lockdowns, turning to tears and many weeks to go until spring, warmer, lighter days and the great hope of a good vaccine.

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