Going with the flow – River & Pebble

Today was the day that the Aco rain drain was to be fitted at the building end of the drive to stop the rainwater running down the drive into the covered yard, especially important to sort out before installation of the secondhand bifold hardwood doors. Will cut across the tarmac to the rainwater drain to the right of the drive and stopped because he hit some unexpected metal before getting anywhere near the drain grill and could hear the rush of water. It was an old broken piece of service cover and he was shocked to discover that under this was a hole with a torrent of deep water flowing fast, an underground river maybe a meter below ground level flowing right to left certainly too strong a flow to be just a storm-water Victorian built drain and that is established fact that a walkthrough arched storm-drain runs under the Old Taunton road down to the main river the Parrot, this water must join the main storm-drain at some point under the road.

Taking pictures was difficult, I was worried I may drop my phone, I should try taking some movie tomorrow before it is again hidden from view.

Brett painted the white top coat on the toilet ceiling and painted the final coat of bathroom pebble on its walls. The hansom colour on the mirror wall compliments the pebble paintwork and the feature brick wall of the disabled toilet and it is looking very smart now.

Will insulated and finished the missing bit of floor next to the side door in preparation for the floor vinyl laying, the glass is due later this week for the side door, also going to replace the top glass of the sash window that is currently obscure so the view of the sculpture wall is better above the card stand. He also plans to re-attach the radiators soon, now the walls have been top coated pale grey.

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