Greyer shade of pale – Virtual reality

The reception walls are really getting there with the top coat of pale grey applied by our painter Brett, the reveals have all been plastered by Will, the glass is arriving for the side door and our electrician Kurtis will be back next week to install the lighting. Even the radiators will soon be back on the wall. My thoughts are turning to the planned finishing details, slate skirting, chrome hanging rail, black trims, vinyl flooring, furniture and maybe a cheery arty Christmas window to brighten up the Old Taunton road!

The garage doors are nearly complete but the outside long garage wall needs some attention it maybe best to render it, this will add to the weather proofing outside and take care of the feature brick wall on the inside, having waterproofed the floor and fixed the roof in the gallery garage space I think it would be the best solution for a practical long lasting finish.

So the completion of phase one of the gallery project draws to a close just as the stage is set for the next period of intense activity with walk throughs, filming, photographs of the gallery space, the art, the preparation all needed for the Bridgy Gallery web pages. Due to Covid pandemic the grand gallery opening may be delayed until people can once again gather in numbers, celebrate, admire, talk and drink Champaign together.

The web pages can forge the way from early next year with a virtual gallery space, much work has been going on in the background with Scott to get the site up and running, also Mark and David have been helping me with branding ideas and artwork for the trade mark. I have been working on the content and appearance to best carry the ethos, the essence, the spirit of the place, no little task creating a real life experience in a safe virtual world to discover the art, display the sculpture, show off the fine art soft home, wearable art items, surprise, delight and introduce Bridgy Gallery, its artists and its history to the world.

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