State of the art with Nights drawing in

The garage doors have their new weatherboards on now fixing the broken teeth look, they have been given a fresh coat of black gloss. To complete this job some sloping moldings have been cut to size and undercoated ready to gloss paint and apply to the doors to make the rain run off properly.

The old 1991 building alarm has now been replaced with a contemporary monitoring system with state of the art sensors in preparation for bringing the building back into commercial use. Now the installation is complete we can start to put in final finishes to the reception area and garage gallery.

It was great to see light in the front windows the building comes alive it seems very noticeable when taking photographs outside, the evenings are drawing in so we need work lights currently, the new reception ceiling lights are due to be fitted soon, small details and snagging continue – the gas cupboard has been plastered the pvc strip has been fixed above the front window inside, the hand rail is in progress down the slope into the garage, the plastering is almost complete just the side door reveals to go.

Glass in the side door is one of the imminent changes I am really looking forward to along with the disabled loo light weight door, reception lights, final coat of paint then seeing the non slip flooring down the slope, vinyl floor in the loo and floor paint on the garage floor. Well there’s a lot to look forward too – watch this space…

Not forgetting the Loading bay doors upstairs they have been sanded, primed, undercoated and a coat black gloss applied, a little finishing required, masking tape to remove from the glass and they will be smart, weatherproof and last for a good many years to come.

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