101 posts written

What a milestone this is my hundred and first blog post its been an amazing journey so far I have found out so much, experienced an extraordinary period in human history and in my own life. Watched my art develop, the gallery reveal it was older than I ever thought and more fascinating as work progressed to renovate its ancient walls rediscover some of its secrets and stories. I have started a history page to illustrate and share the dialog I have had with this magical old building. What I have discovered, documents, objects and pictures collected along the way which I hope to publish soon so I can share the buildings story and add to its rich history for many years to come.

Today I walked to the gallery and back – my lockdown exercise for today. This morning Will has installed the new side door, this is a work in progress the door is in the brickwork this needed some adjustment as you can see in the pictures and the white plastic panel will be replaced with toughened glass for light and a good view of the outside display wall. A little bit of finishing to complete a tiny bit of flooring and the reveals around the door on the inside then a clean up – brick dust everywhere fortunately mostly outside! Such an improvement nice bright white secure door lovely cant wait to see the glass in, it will match the front door – well it will be a smaller version.

The alarm company are due on site on Monday and the electricians will be back soon to finish off. Next jobs to complete reception are the sliding door for the disabled loo the top coat painting, secondary glazing, flooring then the slate skirting, after that its the card displays, furnishings and picture hanging system. I am eager to see the finished room completed and see how successful and how close to my original vision.

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