It’s a gas – cupboard

A walk to the gallery yesterday for exercise, a brief visit to say hi and take a few photos very tired after watching other people working. The gloss paint is going on the large black garage doors downstairs, upstairs on the outside of the large loading bay doors they are going shiny black too following all the preparation the day before yesterday, just as well they can be opened and painted undercover as there have been some very heavy showers.

Will has been plastering the reveals in reception, plastering the last wall in the back of disabled loo and working under the display shelf making progress with the gas meter cupboard.

I have been researching local suppliers for my home & wearable fine art products and may have found a company in Somerset who can help me. It will be fantastic to have local and sustainable production watch this space…

I have received a great shelf unit black and glass to match the coffee table also a lovely gift so that’s reception smartly furnished I cant wait to see it all together.

Rest day today with gentle developmental discussions about the Bridgy Gallery brand and a history page planned for the web site – maybe reception side door day tomorrow but that’s another day.

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