Renovation & Rescue – In Doors & Out

Well my personal renovation operation has been completed successfully – just recovery time now. Forced to watch others work while my body repairs itself, its a novelty not something I have done much in my life before as I like to be hands on but it is lovely to see things progressing. Enough about me lets talk about what’s happening in the gallery.

Please see October photographs illustrating the finishing off of the (upside down boat,) garage tongue & groove ceiling all around the outside of the disabled loo also over the tea/coffee area following the removal of the substantial old steel pipe (may have been for town gas?). The partial installation of the new triple light fitting over the tea/coffee and sink area only waiting for electrification and its bright chrome bar to space and support the three chrome shades. This area still has some finishing to do, skirting, splash-back at the side of the sink, final finish on mosaic style brickwork behind the lights also chrome cup hangers, cups and lovely red kettle.

The disabled loo has new handles each side of the mirror and the floating corner shelves are cut and ready to be installed, plans made for the construction of a light weight sliding door that can be operated with closed fist hand comfortably from the height of a wheelchair. There is a small amount of plastering to complete above the shelf then a final coat of paint it will help to have the lights and fan connected as there is not a window in this room.

The outside of the garage doors, not renovated yet it was their turn today, painted blue originally over a undercoat of white with a white painted wood frame and an old top coat of faded gloss black pealing badly at the base on the outside, unfortunately the wood under the flaking paint was badly rotted, years of rain had taken their toll on the paintwork and underlying tongue & groove. Removing the rotten wood made the doors look like they had bad teeth this will be mended with some well seasoned wood, a solid shelf we took down some months ago. New/old wood cut to size the doors sanded and undercoated waiting for the new wood to make good the bottom of the otherwise very sturdy old doors and lovely top coat of shiny black to match the gates should look extremely smart – finished garage door photos to follow.

Urgent job not in the front of the gallery which is phase one and our current focus, but a job that needed immediate attention upstairs in the old coach house, the coachman’s old chimney in the corner of St. Saviours studio. Ever since we took down the ceiling downstairs in the coach house it exposed not only the old newspaper applied to prevent the sawdust falling through the cracks in the floorboards but also the large stone slab under the upstairs fireplace. The chimney no longer on the roof the stack had been taken down below the roof tiles years ago replaced by an Eagle burner itself an antique now. The ton of bricks making up the chimney breast, the soot and a substantial amount of ash remained festering in the corner, in its time a well used fireplace judging by the soot deposits, sometime in its history it had been decommissioned and a wood frame inserted so that the fireplace space could be used as a sort of cupboard. The remaining brickwork had deteriorated and was in a very poor condition now. I and my Dad started to have bad dreams about it, well it has to be said looking up from the room below it was scary and thinking about the weight of brick stacked above you even more so. I asked Will to take it down which he has done please see photographs, he will have to do some remedial work to the wall and support for the corner of the roof, it was even worse than we feared and definitely needed making safe urgently. It may be a bit fanciful but going in the room below today it seems brighter less gloomy somehow – I felt like the building was smiling, at last I had got the message and sorted it out before anything bad could happen.

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