On the One Show MERCURY PRIZE so exciting!

I was very excited to see on BBC1 the announcement Michael Kiwanuka is the winner of the best album the 2020 Mercury Prize. I was very proud to be selected from many other artists entries for my sculpture designed specifically to be the Mercury Music prize award. The shapes I used were all about music, rhythm, sharps, flats, heavy metal, rock and all embodied in a dancing abstract figurative form. My Sculpture has been awarded for 28 years now with many famous winners from the first winners Primal Scream for their album ‘Screamadelica’ to last years winner Dave with his first album ‘Psychodrama’. Every year the award becomes more widely recognized and the event bigger. Last year a glitzy music, full length presentation in London featured all of the nominated albums and was broadcast from Eventim Apollo on BBC 2. This year has been very different due to Covid social distancing the winner was out on his own he won the prestigious gong for his third studio album Kiwanuka. This was announced on the One Show rather than the usual big event showcasing all the nominated albums. From my perspective it was more exciting as they showed off my sculpture prominently focused on the winner and he looked most appreciatively at the Award he has won.

Excitement of past glories aside – back to the gallery only three months to go! The outside side wall has had its final coat of paint so just needs a new side door – on the hunt for the right door now – talking of doors Chris is going to complete the outside of the garage doors they will be sanded and painted gloss black to match the gates tomorrow this will finish the tidy up of the front of the single story building which is the frontage along the roadside and most prominent as it can also be seen from the Broadway as people drive by – time to cut out the Foamex letters for the Bridgy Gallery name for the front either side of the door/window entrance – also looking at led lit sign for higher up on the building so that it shows up at night a bit of razzmatazz possibly a blue led string artfully threaded through the sign to create the letters still in the planning stage!

Lots of indoor stuff to do, inventories of the paintings, photos, prints and certificates of authenticity with stationary for Bridgy Gallery. At the gallery a spot of indoor painting, floor laying, skirting then on to the final fit with painting, lights, display areas and hanging system, perfect jobs now the weather has changed. I just get so enthused the closer we are getting to seeing it completed, fitted out and the cherry on top – art and paintings to display.

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