Fan surround & Backdrop colours ?

I have uploaded some pictures of the newly plastered walls and an artists impression of a finished reception in two colours my dilemma white or pale grey walls? The pale grey is on trend and would make any white on displayed paintings pop and show off the other colours in the paintings, white is standard fair for gallery walls and colours stand out well – it’s a clean, fresh look if a bit clinical, the grey is a softer finish, I am leaning towards the pale grey. You can have a warm or a cool grey did you know if you mix opposite primary paint colours in equal measure that makes a good grey. .

I also photographed the new white fan surround in the disabled loo this was needed to pull the fan forward to allow it to operate its flaps at the back or it would get caught up with the air brick. I used some salvaged wood (looked like it may have once been part of a stair support) I jig sawed a hole to fit the fan and sanded the wood to a smooth finish then primed in white finishing it off with a couple of coats of white gloss.

At the beginning of the gallery project I was lucky to be given four lovely reception chairs, they are covered in a loopy green fabric which I thought was perfect but they had deeply unfashionable toffee brown legs, which I have painted gloss black this has instantly transformed them they look so modern now! To compliment the chairs I experimented, reproducing some of my photographs and paintings on fabric to develop some unique colourful cushion covers as a product I can sell from the gallery. I can display these to great effect on these smart reception chairs as well as display them on the website for sale (ecommerce website is in development/building stage).

The outside painting on the front and side of reception is nearly complete a second coat of brick red applied while the weather has been good, the side windows repaired and top coat applied to the white gloss finish with gloss blue windowsill. Waiting on the tiles to finish off the second larger windowsill which have to come from a reclamation yard, unfortunately I did not find any on site only roof tiles and slates no floor tiles. The new UPVC side door still to be fitted, this will open out rather than in as the old door does and fix back to the wall so that it can be open on nice days as the windows are fixed and will be secondary glazed, non opening card display areas.

The other side of the garage on the outside still needs some pointing and painting and the outside of the garage doors need a new coat of gloss black paint like the gates have had – this can be done inside with the doors open into the garage area once completed the garage floor can then be painted.

As you may expect the project is interspersed with decisions, planning, getting things done the the right order, ordering materials to arrive as you need them – too early and they get in the way too late and that holds the job up. Project management is complex and can trip you up, changing your mind about things can cause chaos, sometimes you have to make quick decisions, sometimes you have the luxury of time to research & investigate history, costs, desired finish. I have been working with insurance brokers and the alarm company to thrash out the right system for all concerned at the right cost, the old system is very out of date probably in the region of 40 years old and has to be replaced. They need to come in and install that before we get too finished in reception!

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