Bricking up for security

A neighborhood cat reminded us that any lithe creature could hop over the garden wall from next door gaining access to the garden and into the open fronted smoking shelter at the end of the long gallery from there it would be possible to get over the end wall as it did not extend all the way to the roof also the brick pillar next to the door frame was very week and missing many bricks. Will has bricked it all up and made it secure, lovely job – see pictures added to July photos.

The electricians have also moved things on – all the sockets in and the light switches. Power we can use in reception now coming from the new wiring and the disabled bathroom control panel and emergency pull cord have been fitted. I have to decorate then pop the covers on to see the final smart black and chrome finish – Waiting for ceiling fitting planned for this week then the lights can be put in and decorating final finish will start.

During the course of our activities it has become apparent that the higher part of the wall next to the old boiler shed is in an unsafe condition and will have to come down this is planned for Monday. It is a busy time and great to see it all come together but as the front nears completion good work space is needed in the covered yard and coach house – re-arrangement and a bit of a tidy up needed.

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