Carving out a future – planning tiles on the sill

Well we are half way through the week and half way through the month the plaster boarding has been completed in the disabled toilet – all decorating, flooring, shelves, fan surround (I’ve started) and door to go, as well as all the lights, bells and whistles when our sparky returns, I think a little more than half way done – certainly can see the finish line for this not so smallest room.

The arrival of the carved wooden cupboard adds a touch of glamour – planning to use the doors to conceal the boiler in the old loo- need to stop calling it that, it has a brand new white loo, beautiful carved doors and will soon get a pedestal basin, thinking I may do a little tiling so it will catch up with its new cousin just the other side of the wall. I am also hoping I can rescue the corner cupboard behind the doors every shelf has a stop at the front presumably this was a barge piece of furniture??

Planning the white tile sill in the garage this can be done while I wait for the putty to become paint-able – its all prepped and ready to go as you can see in the photos. Both Will and I plan to work our way out of the garage with its upside down boat ceiling and into the coffee/tea area then on to the door way and we will feel we are really getting there when we have made our way back into reception. Lots of work planned for Friday, watch this space…..

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