Mirror Mirror Putty please

Significant progress made in the disabled loo it’s looking more and more enabled, the large triangle shelf is on behind the toilet, the blue water pipe above the feature brick wall has been boxed in, the handle over the radiator is in place as are all the dispensers toilet paper, soap and hand towel. Will with a little help from me put the lovely round mirror securely on the wall – still to come the extractor, the light, shelves and handles each side of the mirror also the plaster boarding behind the big shelf, skirting more painting and some fetching vinyl on the floor. The elephant in the room no sliding door yet 🙂 !

Progress was not confined to the loo – Will put the slate effect work surface on the tea/coffee area and sunk the white mini Belfast style sink into the worktop – still a little work to do – Reg is coming back to drill the wall for the waste pipe and water and to fit the square bottle trap to compliment the re-used aluminium square section that we built the counter support from – when I say we it was a joint effort by Will, Stuart and myself. looking good with room and height to suit a wheelchair user or a standing person. Skirting to add, some finishing touches and the all important kettle.

I have spent what feels like a couple of days replacing the putty in the garage window and the sash window in reception only to discover I have to wait 21 – 28 days before I can paint it – so that has held up my plans a bit for the secondary glazing, never mind there is plenty else to be getting on with. I need to second coat so many walls and I have decided to tile the concrete garage windowsill its a symphony in black and white with the black metal window and gloss black lintel with white secondary glazing frame and clean white tile finish on the sill, with a black wood strip under to echo the lintel above, re-using wood from the building where ever possible. The garage floor will need painting and Will is going to finish the upside down boat ceiling and the loft over the loo.

We plan to work our way out of the garage side and on into reception which also needs a ceiling, flooring, skirting, a new side door, secondary glazing and papering with book pages re-use being better than recycling, also planning on building a couple of card displays in the base of the two reception side windows and installing a hanging system for the paintings. So very busy times ahead.

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