Extracting, Vents – no blowing a fuse

Today has seen the installation of a fuse-box for the single story reception and garage also the wiring put in for the extractor-fan, emergency lighting, smoke detector and lights in garage by the electrician – meanwhile I set about removing the wet/rotted wood back to good wood from the corner of the large window frame replacing it with new timber then filling, sanding, priming, undercoating great drying weather so I even managed the first white gloss coat.

I put together the ivy laser cut-out vent panels for under the floor of the disabled loo visible from the garage next to where the ramp is going. I also started making a shelf, also sanding and applying gloss first coat to the square window at the end of reception I painted one breeze block and cut, prepared part of the box hiding the blue water pipe in the disabled loo ready for Will tomorrow. I also cut wood support batons for the sash window secondary glazing then primed and painted them in lovely black gloss so that I will be able to install them and the perspex on Friday.

The electrician was also working in the loft – tomorrow Will plans to finish the garage ceiling, box in the blue pipe, put the work surface on the triangle shelf and tea making area then install the washing cups sink. If he gets time he also plans to build the 6′ ramp – the spec for wheelchair access is 12 x the height – well its 6″ high so that’s a 6 foot long ramp then.

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