Blog on – Summary

It’s a year and more than 50 posts since I started this blog. Lots has happened – here’s a summary

Well I bought the old carpenters workshop, it turned out to be much older than I thought. Coach house and stables to St. Saviours House, the roof was in a bad way – traditional Bridgwater tile construction in need of some serious work – no patching up and carrying on, we had to take the roof off and start again for the two story and much of the one story building too. The long gallery has been repaired at the very end of the garden (smoking shelter) when the corner of the wall was repaired but the rest still needs work to stabilize/repair the roof between there and the covered yard. The ceilings all had to come down too, the old lead water pipes were leaking badly and a new water main had to be installed along with ongoing electrics which are needing a major overhaul and replacing in most areas.

A lot of this work remains mostly invisible – well it had a roof and now its got a roof but you can feel the difference and see that its not leaking, the wall repair, waterproofing, drainage, cables, pipes and insulation behind plasterboard walls it all feels more cared for, much less dusty, safer, tidier. I am now ready to do the visible transformation stuff I have been so looking forward to as my late husband Kevin would have said the arty-farty stuff – but you know what they say preparation is everything and I can see that if you put finishes in too soon, you may have to do the work again. Building work, investigations, repairs and alterations are just so messy.

The biggest visible change so far is the new front on the reception building situated right on the pavement It needed changing because the door was very tall but just too narrow and as it turned out the strong metal but drafty window was sitting on a very insubstantial wall. Visible from the road is the upstairs window changed to a kindly donated uvpc window as old broken sash window was in very poor condition and next to it the porch in front of the door to St.Saviours Studio at the top of the stairs. You can also see the vent pipe for the new gas boiler and the golden owl wind vane.

The second most visible change is the party wall, the corner that had been damaged by a lorry in the petrol station is fixed, the main building two story side re-rendered and painted white. Only a little pointing and painting to go for the areas in-between.

On the inside the Disabled loo is built and flushing, the garage is looking tidy and reception is almost at decoration stage the radiators are in, the windows getting there and the electrician due soon. The new tea station, old loo and Oxman & Walker workshop running along just behind.

On the back burner until the front is completed are the internal stairs and work on the St.Saviours Studio upstairs. a tidy up, better drainage in the covered yard and addition of bi-fold doors. Still further into the future are plans for a kitchen, long gallery and a lovely Sculpture garden.

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