Blue pipe dreams & upside down boats

The blue water pipe has been installed by Will the water company are coming to look at the job of fixing it to the mains supply on Tuesday,. Upstairs still smells of smoke, the bathroom flat roof and far wall are still very wet. The weather has delivered yet another storm for the weekend.

Indoor attention has turned to the ceilings Will has put up the lattice work for the reception ceiling panels and Chris went to work on the garage ‘the upside down boat’ ceiling made of very old pine tongue & groove. Unfortunately all the old wood was completely unusable, full of rot & worm so Chris has removed it all. Will and Chris collected new timber and put up most of the new tongue & groove cladding the same day. On the blue pipe side its left open as they plan to conceal the pipe with the new pine ceiling once its pulled back through and sitting properly. This was the only ceiling left standing and I really wanted to retain it, sadly it has been impossible to keep so I am replacing as close to original materials and look as possible – not a cheap option but a celebration that we have not lost the lot thanks to many peoples quick action and skill.

I have filled some more holes and pointed internal brickwork and completed the first coat of paint to the white walls around the garage doors, looking forward to treating the doors to a good clean, varnish and hammeriting the lovely iron hinges I think it is going to look great. Not feeling as confident about the floor now – having to wait while it dries out, the ramp is built and we give it a good clean to assess it..

Today was a day off from the Gallery even though I am freaked out my calendar says only 10 months to go! I took time out to visit Caldicot castle with my Son and his Fiancé fantastic venue it would seem the lesson here is less is more, no gilding needed on this Lilly – what a great place I love it – even more of a vast undertaking than my own project! Wet roads and rainbows all the way home.

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