Drama unfolds – Fire & Flood

Great progress was made by Will on the plaster boarding in reception nearly all up now, I sealed the feature brick Garage wall only to discover the mystery lead pipe sticking out of the garage floor near the stop cock had sprung a leak as there was a small pool of water at its base not there yesterday, the conclusion is that we suspect opening the the garage doors may have knocked it and made an existing leak more obvious as we had noted that the garage brick floor was looking unexpected damp although we has assumed it was just all the rain we have had this winter and the run off under the garage doors. Fortunately Reg was on site so we were able to have an impromptu meeting and have decided to cut off the old lead pipe mains water system for the building and replace with modern blue pipe, we hope that this will be healthier and cure another damp floor patch in the coach house also save water and expense in the long run.

Stuart made short work of taking down the old bathrooms ceiling and the room breathed an almost visible sigh of relief. Please see February photo’s. Well good progress made and a solution to the leak sorted, water off at the stop cock to prevent further leaking we took Sunday off visiting family and having a lovely meal out then taking away some donated supplies in the form of secondary glazing kits thanks Mum and Dad.

Drama over? no not a bit of it – during a drive around sight seeing trip on a cloud immersed, rough seas surrounded Portland with wonderfully bracing sea air and wild white horses I received a phone call from Scott – there was reports of a fire in a property near to the Gallery, Scott said he would go and investigate for us and check on his friends who also live on the terrace. Scott rang again and let us know that it was actually the building next door to the Gallery and that the firemen had got it under control thank goodness. The guttering was melted and the bedroom PVC window destroyed but they had stopped the roof catching fire. They were still in attendance when Will our closest key holder was able to let them in to check the Gallery was OK. Stuart and I went to look in the evening you could smell the smoke in the studio upstairs, all of the burnt contents of the next door upstairs room was outside the front of the building as far as we are aware no one was hurt and the property unoccupied. As far as we could see the only damage to the Gallery appears to be the water used to put out the fire with the far toilet wall looking very wet and the flat roof flooded. I will take some photo’s today and we will have a look in the daylight.

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