Historic Day – quick update

Friday saw Will plaster-boarding in the reception area and the garage cleared out thanks to Chris who also moved and tidied the heavy stuff for me. We opened the garage doors for the first time – this went well and allowed lots of light in also no problem to close them again. I swept up the large amount of rich dark debris from under the doors and prepared the side wall of the garage the feature brick wall with side window for sealing tomorrow.

Tim, his Sister and Cousin previous owners came for a visit to see how things are going they came bearing gifts of fantastic historic documents conveyancing, mortgage and title deeds ranging over nearly 100 years from 1866 – 1968 with stamps, wax seals and lovely italic hand writing. The covenants covering everything from what you could build, height and width of walls. One document from 1946 detailed the contents equipment, paints varnishes and some things I believe I still have like the office desk and the Bridgwater tiles.

Signing off now as meeting Reg at the Gallery to talk plumbing and there’s that wall waiting

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