Not a white wash out

Will has plastered the inside of the partition walls for the disabled toilet and built the frame for the triangle wall behind the toilet he has also put the slates on the wall for me. Sink has been tried for size and a little painting has started on the black brick side and the feature brick wall in the toilet has been sealed. Eve popped by to help with some painting on Tuesday and together we painted the inside wall of the garage paying tribute to the whole in the wall now made doorway leaving the new red brick red and highlighting the texture/colours on some of the old bricks this gives way to bright white over the area where the ramp will go and all along the wall to the impressive garage doors making the space brighter – as you may be able to see from the photographs these were taken in poor light/work light I will try to take some better photo’s when it stops raining!

Happy we are working inside during this dismal weather looking forward to Friday another busy day expecting a big tidy up and some more progress in the garage with Chris & Eve then visits from Tim, Stuart and possibly Will later. I will keep you posted.

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