Valentine textures

I spent this afternoon cleaning up ten old roofing slates from the stack in the garden taking out the rusted in nails, brushing off the snails, earth and plant bits. rubbing down, drying them, sealing them, all the time thinking I could happily do this all day long. Fabulous textures the stunning natural beauty of this material, how each slate was an individual and the weathering of each slate as a roofing material meant that each has a lighter and darker side. I am working on utilizing this to stylish effect as the two slates will have a dark side to each of the outer edges and the lighter third in the middle where they overlap a little, I think it is going to look great, the small Belfast style sink has arrived looks like it will do a great job. Thinking now that a built wooden framework to set the sink in then clad with more slate as the work surface may be best.

Yesterday Reg devoted his skill & attention to the disabled toilet making a large hole in the wall and grand, very neat job of the soil pipe, water pipe and radiator piping which will mostly be hidden when the angled half height wall hides it all from view – it will be our secret.

More tails added by Curtis the electrician on Tuesday this week now there are wires in the bathroom for the ceiling light, emergency lighting above the doors, the pull switches and socket for the kettle also wiring for the garage lighting. not forgetting the wired in Smoke detection/alarm points. He has also chased into the brick for the light switch in the garage by the door lovely job. should look great when the wall is painted white and shows off the shiny black and chrome light switch.

While Curtis set about the electrics I spent time doing all the fiddily bits of the insulation last bits in the corners, round the back of the gas meter and round the sockets and light switches I also did some filling – neatening up the mosaic like brick work and filling gaps around the tea/coffee making area in preparation for the slate cladding.

I have really enjoyed sharing the love with Bridgy Gallery today – really feels like it is getting into its new role now. So looking forward to seeing the next stages of transformation outside and inside the reception/disabled toilet and accessible tea and coffee making area and garage. I have uploaded a few pictures of work in progress for you.

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