Getting Plastered

Well to continue we have tidied up the garage moving the ceiling panels and reception desk back into the reception area to make way for ramp building and wall painting and sealing the brick wall in the garage and disabled toilet, I brought in some slates from the garden to look at how many we would need to cover the breeze blocks and how they might fit – well two across length ways does it for me – going to be approx 5 – 6 slates high so 12 good ones needed. The holes are more central than I remembered, planning to cover the screw heads with pyramid domed square studs I think.

I have bought the three hanging chrome led lights to light up the tea/coffee making area and a small Belfast style white sink to semi set into the work surface so that it can easily be used I already have a tap and following a little more research it was apparent that cupboard underneath would be a restriction to any wheelchair user so I think I may just hang suitable mugs/teaspoons on back wall so they can be easily reached and keep the area under the counter clear.

The outside walls of the disabled toilet have been plastered boarded and skimmed by Will fabulous job too (what a man of many talents he is). Reg the plumber came round to look at progress and plan his next bits – the wall behind the toilet is far from square to the brick wall so we will need to construct an angled dwarf wall behind the toilet to secure the support arms needed, this will create a fetching triangular shelf behind the toilet plastered and painted as will the other internal walls apart from out feature brick wall and the gloss painted sliding door. I have the sliding door kit already and the door is arriving on Tuesday. I am hoping to use the old sturdy long brass handle from the middle door for the sliding door and fix traditional round black door knobs on the middle door.

No small amount of time was used putting wood and noggins and insulation foam in the awkward corners of reception – not much to show for the work but it is all progress and gets us closer to plaster boarding in reception too. Battened down the hatches in preparation for a stormy Sunday!

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