Toilet – Post haste & Contemplation

What a difference a few hours of toiling can make – today Will put up the wood work for the walls & ceiling for the disabled toilet, I knocked some rough bits off the breeze blocks to create a smooth base for the slate splash back – the space left for the kettle and small sink cupboard is just over a meter which is great just whats needed – I would like to make the counter low so that anyone in a wheelchair can safely make a drink for themselves should they be manning the gallery.

I then set about fitting the insulation into the new partition walls – the light was dimming and I was gradually blocking out what little there was! I need to find a good central light for the toilet connected to the extractor and a light for over the tea/coffee area. I looked back at the garage – still plenty of room to park a car should you want to.

I am re-thinking my original plan for two lighting rigs in the Garage – it looks now like one central metal structure with perhaps a few more spots attached rather than spread over two,, i’m thinking maybe 7 / 8 spots would be sufficient – it will get a little brighter when I paint the left hand wall bright white and the toilet wall next to the window is plastered and white I am leaving the right hand wall a feature brick wall as it is a lovely looking wall (same feature brick wall down far side of the disabled toilet) so I plan to clear seal the bricks. Once the ‘upside down boat’ ceiling is sanded and glossy clear varnished this should also bounce some light about.

I finished up with a good tidy up after I created a display shelf windowsill for the end window and enjoyed the look of the miss matched windows as I looked back at reception to the new front and I wondered what I was going to do about the view out of that end window. I would like it to draw attention to a glimpse of the sculpture garden fresh, green, maybe sunlit, behind the wide wooden french doors, beyond the old coach house, across the interesting under cover area, unfortunately the top of the window looks out onto old white painted pealing door panels which make up the stairwell area which distract somewhat from my poetic desires. I think I may have to lower the height of the window, it goes right up to the ceiling – this may have been needed when it was a store room but now the space is opened up with several windows I think it could be re-configured a little to focus the view and obscure the very close wall opposite.

Please see February Photo’s

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