Young man, Old pipe. Postbox & Trench

Today I painted the new wall under the front window in brick red the wind was a bit fresh but a nice sunny dry day. Will fixed on the letterbox, I pointed the old brick pillar to the right of the door in preparation for painting another day. I had a look at the wall on the outside of the garage it is badly in need of pointing and painting too – may need some more of my brick coloured paint then.

Started hand sanding the office desk for an indoor job to warm up a little — it’s a lot lighter under the old dark varnish nice looking wood, it should come up lovely. Chris completed the plaster boarding round the old first aid box which has been adapted to collect the letters, should look grand when polished up with the shelf above.

Will built up the strong wall behind the disabled toilet engineered to support the hand rails and then he plaster-boarded it, leaving the shelf off so that Reg can access the pipes.

Will then dug out the trench for the water board inspection by Lucia so that the water main can be swapped from very old, probably original, leaking lead pipe to the modern new blue pipe. Lucia did not recognise the old pipe running under the garage doors outside near to the old water pipe then routed up the wall, definitely looks like an old services pipe, maybe gas? She said. I have now spoken with the gas people and a young man from Wales & West Utilities rang so Scott and I hotfoot back to the Gallery and the young man looked at the old pipe and said maybe it’s an old town gas supply pipe but would get an expert to look at it on Friday for me.

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