Dry day! front render & point n paint

Tuesday we had some sun but very chilly wind, today it has been dry all day and somewhat warmer still a little windy but perfect weather for a little outside action. You will see from the photo’s that Will has plastered the half wall in the disabled toilet and rendered the middle pillar on the front of the gallery, I have pointed and painted the other two brick pillars and sides of the middle one. Will replaced the concrete fillet above the old wall that the garage wall sits on at the side of the garage, we used up the strong mix on the pointing of the old low wall which was in sore need of the support as much of the cement between the bricks was missing no doubt because the concrete fillet was in a very poor state of repair allowing water to penetrate the lower older wall.

After the pointing I did some painting on the other side of the far reception window both white and brick red by the mesh gate, on Tuesday I sealed the brickwork and slates the backdrop to the kitchenette bringing out the Ringtail Lema look to the left of where the sink will be and worked with Chris to create wooden window frames to support the secondary glazing and completed my day today with painting the wash coat on the disabled toilet ceiling – busy day – looking good even if I say so myself 🙂

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