Bare, primed & round the corner

Good progress made with the 1930’s office desk which is mentioned in the 1946 building and contents sale details valued at 30 shillings, clothed in a worn dark varnish in a tired gloss brown colour which Stuart has painstakingly and gently sanded off to reveal the lovely honey coloured wood beneath. This rejuvenated beauty will grace reception as the main counter once it is completely stripped then waxed and buffed to a warm shine – lovely can just picture it in pride of place.

Today I worked outside in the sunshine yes I said sunshine – it was windy trying to blow me off the step ladder as I painted brick red on the central newly rendered pillar it was warm and the paint dried quickly I painted a little of the side wall around the corner and spoke to many a passer by who made encouraging comments, its just the first coat but the paint has gone on well and is looking very smart I think. I have chosen this brick red as I believe that was the colour the building was painted before just faded to a deep pink over time.

I packed up and went inside to prime the bare wood frame around the window and door in the garage area also the display window sill on the square window in reception so that another day I can apply the undercoat – please see March posted photo’s.

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