Doors days

Door day the lock was changed on the new wide door it had been very hard on the keys and sometimes almost impossible to remove the key, we were in fear of braking a key in the lock – new barrel inserted this afternoon much better now. I spent the afternoon on Friday undercoating the bare wood that I primed recently around a couple of windows and undercoating the back of the internal door.

The men from Wales and West utilities visited and tested the old rusty pipe and cut it then declared it a dead old gas supply pipe which we can remove no worries. Will is a happy builder now as it will make room for the blue pipework to be installed neatly.

Will has started cleverly constructing the metal support for the sink and worktop for the tea making area re-using some square aluminium section saved from when the old doubled glazing at my house was upgraded – these were the metal supports from inside white plastic sleeves at the corners of the two bay windows. Re-use being even better than recycle in my book. They should polish up well and the stainless square section bottle trap should look great under the sink – no cupboards under so everything is on show.

I have today given the disabled toilet ceiling its first coat of wet room white paint and the walls have had the wash coat applied to the bare plaster in preparation for the wall paint. I have experimented with the book page papering it looks mostly as I expected but the paper is not as white as I imagined book paper to be. I need to improve my technique to ensure no wrinkles it is ok to tear the pages out so that is good – may need to tape the joins in the plaster board so they are not so obvious. Also the matt fire retardant glaze works fine so that’s great, my only concern do I have enough of it to paint the whole room – well time will tell.

I completed my time at the Gallery most satisfyingly by sanding down the inside of the garage doors then applying a lovely rich satin wood finish – very pleased the doors look great already with just one coat. Please see March photos. You will see the small but deep trench on the right which Will dug for the water people to connect the new blue pipe and cut off the old lead pipe system still waiting news of the date for this work to be carried out.

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