Shelter & self isolation

Today was my last free day for a while, I spent some time in the Gallery garden, weeding, tidying and encouraging Chris who worked very hard clearing out the smoking shelter at the end of the garden digging out stubborn ivy roots finding a floor level and clearing accumulated bricks, bits of slate, metal, glass and earth. Once floor had been cleared he filled it with all the broken tile bits littering up the garden to make a firm base, smashing up the broken tiles into smaller pieces. There are still lots of Victorian tiles and quite a few slates even lots of whole ones, I think Will plans to use some and we are going to make skirting out of some of the slates.

Although a lovely dry day with the sun trying to brake through I did take a little time to second coat the disabled toilet ceiling and make a few calls – waterboard need permission from the council to close the road while they swap supply to the new blue pipe unfortunate really as the road has been closed twice this year already but we wont need weeks to do this little job, so still waiting for a date.

This evening I am contemplating my self isolation due to my vulnerability with pre-existing health conditions it is thought best that I refrain from working and mixing with others. I do feel relieved if a bit daunted, it has been worrying working with the general public during this virus threat.

I have had lovely offers of help today with dropping off shopping and I have a plan – 30 + paintings to complete so I am going to be a very busy artist. Good luck to everyone, keeping things going, keeping a smile on your face even if you cant touch it 🙂

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