Keeping things on the boil

Reg has been busy self installing in the old loo putting in the new boiler while Will has been outside working on the flue exit on the flat roof – team work by relay and a building with enough space to work on your own and we can take it in turns.

I have been busy at home acrylic painting on canvas, I have completed two paintings one called Ash Rhode and the other SOS both paintings in my Bridgwater circle series and two more to add to my 60 paintings goal. I have had a count and I am up to 34 completed so far – the plan to have over sixty completed by my 60th birthday so I can choose 60 favorite ones to hold a solo exhibition in Bridgy gallery when it opens. Description of SOS painting below and pictures of both paintings loaded to give you a small preview of my work.

SOS one of the Bridgwater Circle series of paintings image captured while walking home, just the other side of the Broadway from Blake gardens under the underpass and up by the side of the river in Bridgwater Somerset. 

Under the old plane trees on the bank of the river Parrot stands a life ring, on this particular summer day with the sun down low it lit up this red container and cast leaf shadows across its face a dramatic vision in red with an azure blue-sky backdrop. Inspired to paint this as I did so I realised that the central circular white information label ‘In case of emergency’ the way the shadows fell it looked very like the earth and our continents’ I thought how much the SOS of a life ring resonated with the place we are at with the damage we are inflicting. Planet earth needs rescue and it’s an emergency!


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