News from Personal Isolation plus

First I want to say some thank yous Scott as you can see from the photo’s is picking up my medicine and bringing me some lovely fresh items which are keeping me fueled up, medicated and healthy, I am being careful with the packaging not only trying to recycle as much as possible as usual but also washing the items and my hands lots with soap to ensure no virus contamination – extraordinary times . I also want to thank my Sister-in-laws, friends and family for their support during my isolation and through the anniversary of Kevin’s death I had not imagined I would be alone at this time but your calls and messages have really helped.

I am keeping busy painting – I have loaded some photo’s of work in progress, it is my habit to paint several canvases at once, I do not like to waste paint it also gives the paint a chance to dry where I do not want colours to mix and provides thinking and contemplation time. Painting is something I am passionate about I have to concentrate on it, a series of important sometimes complex decisions to achieve the desired result. I am constantly amazed by the wide scope of influences even when you think it is about one thing it often encompasses many other things too, emotions memories, dreams, visions even worries. Colours are like smells they bring back the past they sometimes speak of other artists work I have seen or studied over the years I think I got a little Gustav Klimt yesterday and developed a pet dragon the day before.

I have raided my shed for paint – I have a habit of buying paint when its reduced so I have a small stock including emulsion and gloss colours – I have found some which will make a good undercoat. Will is planning to get on with the last bits of roof needing attention as he can work alone. I am planning to get some exercise painting on my own up n down the step ladder in the new disabled toilet soon.

The men from Wales and West utilities visited and tested the old rusty pipe a little while ago and cut and declared it a dead old gas supply pipe which we can remove no worries. Will is a happy builder now as it will make room for the blue pipework to be installed neatly.

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