Gallery update & Keeping Fit

On this blue sky day I felt I needed to get out of the house so I picked up a few paint cans and put them into my car and as Will is not working at the Gallery today there would be no issues with my continued isolation so I headed off. It was quiet on the roads I parked and using my paint cans as ‘weight training’ I then did some vigorous sweeping for a bit of cardio in reception, the garage and outside followed by ‘karate moves’ up and down painting involving ‘step work’ on the step ladder.

So a bit of exercise and some internal walls painted at the same time – result. Second coat of white emulsion painted on the outside walls of the disabled toilet with an undercoat of mat emulsion paint on the inside plaster walls. The colour is called hansom taking photos is problematic as the colour does not photograph very well I am planning on a top coat of bathroom paint called pebble.

The water is off at the stop cock so I am using water from the garden shed water but to flush the loo and wash the brushes. I took some photos of the top of the gas boiler flu as it emerges from the flat roof it has a novel cap fitted currently! The new boiler has been moved to a more central location so the boiler shed outside is now just a useful garden shed. I also photographed the work done the other day with the blue water pipe and the hard work at the end of the garden with the smoking shelter floor. I also photographed the back of the building – please note missing pipes/chimneys, still some pointing and painting needed and resolution for the upstairs door and a Bridgy Gallery sign to make.

I plan to do another keep fit session tomorrow painting the disabled loo ceiling again. I have been looking at signs for the door – see photos for my favorite one so far – meanwhile its back to my painting on canvas for my solo exhibition I completed another Bridgwater circle painting yesterday, something like 24 to go now!

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