Flushed with success – June Flue by

We now have a working disabled toilet it flushes the sink has water but I have to say its a bit exposed at the moment and I think you could flush with embarrassment as there’s no door yet, never mind its dark no light yet either!

The electrician is coming to fix the light, emergency pull cords and extractor fan on Tuesday and Will intends to sort out the tea n coffee making area and sink the sink into the worktop so that Reg can get on plumbing it in and the sink in the old bathroom were we have a new white loo but no cistern yet – unfortunately the old blue loo did not come out without a fight and had to be broken to remove it.

Take a look at the July photos – yes I said July – June just flew by and the boiler pipe and new flue are standing proud sitting exactly the right distance from everything up on the flat roof behind the golden owl weather vane.

The secondary gazing perspex arrived for the windows – still a little prep to do before they can be fitted – I did some filling in preparation of a final coat of white gloss paint for the square window, I started to make the small shelf needed for next to the disabled toilet and once that is complete we can install the new paper towel, toilet paper, soap dispenser and mirror. I also planned/designed the display card stands which are going to be in the bottom of both the reception side windows I am putting them together myself – bespoke as I could not find anything suitable to buy, I am using some white coated metal that was part of a secondary glazing system my Mum & Dad donated to make the supports for the cards in the big window and I have bought some clear card supports for the sash window. Talking of the Sash window I may need to use a secondary glazing frame to support the perspex at the top of the window or add a wood trim to fix the top of the perspex and save the frame for the larger window as my perspex is in two pieces for that window.

While the weather was holding off I painted a few more breeze blocks their second coat – it’s slow going and hard on the wrists so I thought if I do a few each time it will soon be finished.

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