Windows lots Doors Bi-fold

Spent a lot of time on windows today, filling, sanding, scraping, painting. The sash window is screwed shut but is in great condition, painted white on the outside and black on the inside I have today re-glossed the black on the inside and filled where needed on the outside it needs some putty and a good couple of coats of white gloss now. The other side window is tall and has three panes but as they are wide enough to get through if you broke a window there are metal bars on the inside middle of each pane, I sanded the metal and finished each security bar with black smooth Hammerite paint. The wooden frame got a good coat of black gloss on the inside to match the black metal and outside of this window needs a repair as water has got into the corner of the frame. The wood gone soft – I have removed the soggy wood in preparation for some replacement strong, dry timber to be inserted and joined to the old but good wood and made smooth for painting – I need to get some more primer and undercoat to complete this job along with putty for the sash window and garage window. The new concrete garage floor has completely cured and can now be walked on still looking grand today.

My other exciting event of the week has to be the bi-fold doors, solid hardwood mahogany, well they are the colour of mahogany on the outside and very heavy, 11 years old, in good condition with quality brass fittings reclaimed from a house in Glastonbury, bought at a very reasonable price on ebay, collected today by Will. A job for after completion of reception, tea station, garage and bathrooms. The plan is to install the bi-folds across the drive behind the mesh gate which I intend to smarten up by replacing the barbed wire with roller bars and the chicken wire with additional metal welded on to increase security and enhance the look. Will is going to dig a channel and line it to take the water running down the drive when it rains into the long slot covered trough (arco he calls it) then into the drains. This will reduce water run off, drafts, leaves and weather coming into the covered yard and increase security for the gallery all good stuff.

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