Wild Flowers Tamed Floor

Will filled the water main hole in the garage mid week and then today Saturday he put the pre-mix (waterproofing additive) concrete on the garage floor to make a super smooth, level safe surface it’s a lovely job. Not only looking very smart it has also reduced the step down so the ramp can be shorter now, we need to leave it to its own devices until mid next week to let it cure undisturbed as it breathes off carbon dioxide and we don’t want to spoil the fab finish Will has achieved.

I put some more paint on the driveway wall, nearly there now just a quarter to go with the second coat, breeze block takes so much paint and time to fill all the holes on it surface. I have also measured up the windows for the perspex secondary glazing including the garage and ordered that and the bits and pieces needed for the card display area in the bottom of the first window which is an old sash window.

I also took a few snaps of the wild flowers and grasses in the garden – please see the photographs I can’t believe that it is nearly another month gone, Reg the plumber has been busy too he has pressure tested the radiators and will be back next week to work on the toilets. I filled a few holes in the Coach house or should I say the Oxman & Walker workshop added some more paint to the spotty wall as an undercoat and to make good the hole filling.

We have to work away from the garage until mid week but its not an issue there is plenty to do all over the place inside and out – I have bought more brick red paint so we can splash that about and do a second coat to the areas already first coated and I have some black bituminous paint to tidy up in the drive. Expecting the electricians to do a site visit on Friday, exciting times, it is so great to see things coming together, bought items and materials put in their places, thoughts turning to the next things, practical things for the running of the gallery and getting closer to being opening/public ready.

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