Rad-ical Solstice

Reg has put in all the pipework and has moved on to installing the radiators, Stuart has completed stripping the 1930’s original office desk and put on the first coat of wax, he was also instrumental in raising the coffee station up on chrome feet and adjusting the shape to create a wheelchair friendly tea and coffee facility for gallery Staff. Next steps here to install the work surface and sink the new sink in, drill a hole through the wall to join up the pipework in the old bathroom – next job in there is replacing the old blue loo and joining up the waste pipes, I think reg is planning to do this work on Friday so watch this space. Then we can add the hidden cistern, build the boiler cupboard behind the loo install new basin, clad the ceiling decorate then put in a baby changing table.

Will is going to fill the hole created to change the water pipe and concrete the garage floor this weekend with damp-proof additive. We will need to leave that area alone for a couple of days while it all goes off apparently it produces a bit of carbon dioxide so we need to stay clear. then Will plans to build the ramp, complete the Doors and finish the ceiling.

I have continued to tidy up, sweep up and fill holes always lots of that to do it seems, then I fine wire brushed the old metal window in the garage and gave it a coat of black Hammerite. I need to buy some putty to replace that which has failed/gone awol to stop the glass panes falling out! Then I can screw the wooden frame which I have primed, undercoated and top coat glossed into the brickwork to support the secondary glassing.

I have spent some time sourcing paper towel, soap, and loo roll dispensers and mirrors, shelves and thinking about whats needed to display the cards and prints.

It was very hot at the gallery today I tried to have lunch in the garden but it was too hot I had to retreat indoors it seems if I cannot go to Spain – Spain will come to me. Please see the latest photographs progress mainly in the front of the gallery but that’s whats needed I hope to have a pre- opening week at the end of October a Carnival exhibition with Halloween and Lockdown accents.

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