Heavy downpours/Summer Sun

The Sun between the showers and thunder storms is very strong painting outside have had to be careful and cover up, the black splash-back stripe is now in place all round the the front gated yard the weeds are remarkable I have pulled them all out again and again and I did so yesterday but today there are already little seedlings growing cheerfully everywhere – Overnight greenery! Life is just so resilient, remarkable, wonderful!

I have filled holes in the new disabled toilet and Reg has installed many more copper water and gas pipes. back at home I have been honing my business plan and financial forecasts also getting to grips with printing cards and ordering prints of paintings, buying stock, more mortar, filler and paint to fix up the windows etc also ordering mirrors and other finishing items for the two loos and reception area.

Working on the Logo and new Bridgy Gallery web site, once Reg has completed his plumbing work it will be all hands on deck for the windows, doors, ceilings, then the electricians and last but not least the ramp and flooring.

New deadline for this is Mid October as I would like to hold a pre-opening weekend/week, not quite sure about the exact days yet but a celebration of carnival in a socially isolated way between Halloween weekend and November the 5th/8th to showcase carnival to the carnival makers because I think everyone will be really missing our carnival also it will be nice to reminisce and we all look forward to seeing the magnificent spectacle that is Bridgwater Carnival again soon.

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