Two Loos La Trek

Exciting day at the Gallery today, kicked off with a disabled loo kit delivery and lots of lovely copper pipe then Reg the plumber arrived to start fitting it in the new bathroom at the back of the garage next to reception, meanwhile Chris was outside up the ladder painting the boards under the guttering. Sofits I think they are called, well now they are a lovely gloss black like the guttering very smart. I painted black Hammerite on the hinges of the main gates and the ones on the inside of the garage doors – this kept the three of us very socially distant and busy, the weather was lovely.

I went home at lunchtime leaving the workers to work while I joined a zoom seminar on video for business run by our local council, the tips and step by step information was very good but lots of information to take in. I took delivery of another lovely work of art and have sent some of my newly acquired paintings to my framing friend Julie to work her magic – can’t wait to see those when they come back properly framed mounts an all.

When I got back to the gallery Reg had installed the loo and was fitting the small sink its so cute and he’s mounted the support bars looking lovely he will be back tomorrow to connect up the water. It may seem over the top but I am so determined to make the gallery as accessible to everyone the loo is a major part of that. Chis had finished the up the ladder black painting and undercoated the big step under the upstairs loading bay doors. so had moved on to painting the first coat on the breeze block wall it looks great please see the pictures – really feel we are picking up the pace now. I plan to use the wall to hang outside sculptures like my cold cast bronze Bees.

Well what with bubbles and garden socially distant tea parties and shops re-opening we seem to be gradually opening up like an unfurling flower turning to face the summer solstice sun.

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