Plumbing First phase Completed

Firstly sorry for the gap in the blog unfortunately I have been unwell spending more than a week in hospital followed by recovering at home ongoing.

Meanwhile my plumber Reg has completed all the plumbing for phase one that’s the front of the gallery – so gas central heating, hot water, two flushing toilets and three sinks. New water mains pipe so drinking water too. A little finishing off to do new toilet seat for older loo with the back panel and doors for boiler cupboard at the pointy end please see photos the flushing button will be set into the back panel and all the different colours of plumbing pipe will disappear. A lot of decoration needed, boxing in the metal girder, installing the ceiling and flooring needed in here too – I have the new ceiling lights on order. The plumbing remains extendable for second phase so can install more radiators on the system and water/hot water to the kitchen/downstairs workshop at a later date.

Before we get carried away the front needs completing the ceiling work was suspended while Will was called away to another job and I was incapacitated also our main helper Chris secured full time employment so we are on an evening and weekend only situation currently which may slow things down a bit – watch this space.

Once I am well enough to pick up the decorating and the ceilings, loo and side door have been installed I think we will begin to see the finish line for the front reception, disabled loo, garage display and tea/coffee making areas. My next priority will be the the drainage improvements at the end of the drive/covered yard the porch over the outside stairs and the installation of the bi-fold doors.

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