Wall flowers and weeding

As you can see from the photographs the right hand gate has had its first coat of shiny black gloss so they are a matching patient pair now awaiting their top wood replacement and final coat of gloss, good news spreading the painting over a few days has meant they did not stuck together. The drive edge has been weeded for the first time this year and the tarmac thoroughly swept with the yard broom – very good exercise as were the walks to and fro to the gallery over the weekend in busy sunshine on Saturday and refreshing quiet drizzle on Sunday.

Sadly the leaves I had thought belonged to fox gloves have in fact grown into prolific little blue flower weeds. The garden also has a fine collection of nettles, milk thistle, buttercup and dandelions, fantastic rabbit food! I am also having to keep a keen eye out for baby sycamore trees, the mummy tree and her daughter produces millions of seeds each year and they are real quick growers in any situation, found one looking happy in a hole in a brick they even germinate on the long gallery tile roof in the damp of the start of the year but cannot survive the power of the spring sun with no rain. There are yellow wall flowers high on the wall above the long gallery that are specialists in this harsh environment. Some tidying up has been done inside the long gallery with a temporary but very useful work bench set up this will help when everything needs to vacate the reception area but things still need to be made.

I have today begun to weed out less wanted plants in the sculpture garden – I know I said I would cultivate wild flowers which there will be plenty I just draw the line at plants which take over everything and stick to you as you walk by,! You can see there was quite a lot, I have piled them up to dry. I believe this is the sticky plant (lots off little hooks) that has little sticky ball seeds which take forever to remover from your trousers or long skirts later in the year. I also dealt with some brambles growing out of the old wall. I do think I may have to do some general electric grazing before I scatter the wild flower seeds to increase the variety of plant life I would like to get that established and self-seeding for next year.

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