Shiny Beltane Gate – Summer begins

Today a lovely May Day, the first day of May 2020 and the Beltane festival to mark the beginning of summer, it was great to feel the breeze and the sun on my face topping up my vitamin D as I did my customary lock-down walk to the Gallery to get some exercise – I opened up the gates and clipped them back to the walls and sand papered the first gate, keying the surface well for a coat of gloss paint, then opened the trade black gloss. Really nice paint not at all drippy so I soon had a lovely glossy first coat applied to the prepared right hand gate and drying in the sunshine looking like a black patient leather you could see your face in. I then scrapped the old and flaking paint off the window to the left of the side door.

The first gate was still too tacky to be sanding the other gate nearby, so I mixed up the last of my pointing mortar and filled in a few more holes in the brickwork. Then I set about preparing the left hand gate for its first coat of glossy black tomorrow morning, not painted the same day as I did not want the gates to stick together when closed which they have to be locked for security.

The garden is growing there’s a lot of foxgloves coming up and of course some not so welcome weeds like brambles here and there but there’s a lot of variety now as the mono culture of Ivy was brilliantly removed by friends of Bridgy Gallery last summer. Following spring and all the lovely weather nature has now watered her creations so look out more growth to come. I have bought some wild flower seed which I plan to scatter tomorrow and eventually I would like to put in some damson trees at the end of the garden, I have not yet exactly designed the sculpture garden but I expect I will create a meadow like space with grasses, dappled light and shade under the sycamore tree with some hard landscaping near the building to sit out. Then a winding path to take you to the end and back again with views from the long gallery of the sculptures so they can be appreciated even when there is heavy rain.

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