Windowsill blue dilly dilly

Yesterday I got my keep fit off to a good start with a swift walk to the gallery and continued where I had left off – filling the odd hole too big for the first coat of paint to cover on the left of the door then painting to the top and the right of the door in brick red up and down the ladder and some compulsory sweeping. New to my keep fit regime is water carrying, the mains water is off as we wait for the waterboard to connect the new blue pipe this comes from the water-butt at the base of the boiler-shed, the first part of the gallery to be re-built I will have to re-name it now to garden shed as the new boiler is situated in the old loo between the coach house and front garage. Something really old fashioned about fetching your water in a bucket.

The brick painted reception side wall is not looking too bad for an old wall and its only the first coat. I found a new can of beautiful blue outside gloss in my shed at home and as a nod to the past ( blue showing under the black paint, under the white on the side door and windows) I have painted the tile windowsill in this great blue gloss. I need to replace the tiles on the second window as they have completely gone, nine six inch square thick terracotta tiles will do nicely – on the hunt for those today unfortunately all the tiles in the garden are roof ones. Cant wait until we have matching blue windowsills.

Looking forward to the next improvements in this area – all the old woodwork round the windows needs scraping down then sanding priming and a good couple of white gloss top coats, I have deliberately left the window and door reveals unpainted as this work will be messy until it is finished and I can paint the brick red carefully around the finished windows. Will is going to install a new secure double glassed door as the old door is not suitable and I am going to put secondary glassing on the inside so that reception can be a lovely warm safe environment to sit in and look after our customers and our artists work.

Looking forward to fixing the top of the gates they need a new wood top as this is very weathered, then painting them gloss black and touching up the black fascia boards under the guttering round the reception/garage building. No visit to the gallery is complete without a visit to see which way the wind is blowing -from the South yesterday. Please see April photographs to admire the blue windowsill and red brick walls.

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