Sunshine Walking Sweeping Painting

I thought it high time I did some productive exercise, I have been doing my indoor workouts with Dan twice a week at home but it was good to get out in some fresh air and my leg has been missing my walks. I headed off for a brisk walk ending up at the Gallery where I admired Will’s roofing on the reception building and the weather vane in person, he has replaced the roof felt where it was rotten and falling apart he has also taken many tiles off and put them back on again with re-concreting of the ridges and hips a very smart solid job .

I then set about some vigorous sweeping, following up with some painting outside I painted the side wall between the door and main gates first coat of the same brick red as the on the front Up and down my step ladder, also some sitting on my wheely garden truck thingy to get lower to paint a black waterproof splash-back, a 2 – 3 brick high boarder at the bottom of the wall to protect against water penetrating the wall and causing damp when splashing up on the bricks from the tarmac drive during heavy rain. I created a stepped boarder as the tarmac drive slopes down to the main building, it is quite a difference in height from the floor of reception to the floor in the covered yard!

Time went quickly and the Sun was still shining what a difference British summertime makes if I hadn’t been so tired and looking forward to my dinner I could have stayed longer – I walked home happy that I had made some progress and that I had seen the roof work done first hand also very happy that the wind was today in the right direction to get a good photograph of the gold owl weather vane. Please see April photos.

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